After a year of confinement, restrictions and curfews, golf has made its own way and has triumphed in times of COVID. The latest studies on this sport certify golf as healthy and safe, as it is mostly an individual and outdoor activity.

Since last May, the courses in the Madrid Golf Courses Association have received more visits than ever. As the Madrid Golf Federation pointed out in the first days of 2021, Madrid golf schools and venues have become sanctuaries of joy, good energy and freedom.

Since the end of the first confinement, there has been a notable increase in the practice of golf, both in the Community of Madrid and throughout Spain. The preference for sports practiced outdoors and alone, as well as the intrinsic benefits of moderate physical activity, have made golf become fashionable. A COVID-safe fashion, which also has a protocol of preventive health measures validated by the Ministry of Health, prepared together with Associations and Federations of the sector.

The clubs of the Madrid Golf Courses Association make up 19 perfect options to enjoy the beauty of the golf venues, their landscapes and the nature that surrounds them. Spread throughout the Community and with excellent facilities, many of them are open to all golfers and visitors who want to enjoy a few hours of disconnection… If they find an available green fee!


Madrid Golf Courses Association
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