The new and fine sports alternative to Covid-19 is golf, a sport that takes place outdoors and it’s committed to the environment. Thanks to these convinient features, golf has positioned as the perfect sport to practice and enjoy with family and friends after the confinement.

With spring comes the sun and good temperatures arrive to Spain. The golf courses in the Madrid Golf Courses Association are the ideal place to play and spend time in our favorite sport.

The large increase on the sector’s demand after the pandemic is reflected in the data, since the increase in influx that the golf courses in Madrid average exceeds 38%. This means an evident growth in the last months and leaves the door open for new and new golfers of all ages to continue to join.

Despite the large influx, there is still a 10% availability in the schools of our venues that are delighted to welcome new golfers, without the need for them to be members to have a place and start playing golf.

Regarding the number of daily spins and the free slots that remain to be able to play on the field during the week and weekend, there is 17% free green-fees on average in the mornings, with the afternoons being the time of day with the most availability to play.

It is important to mention that the Association’s golf courses have delayed their planned greens pinning on these dates for after Easter. Great news to be able to play and enjoy during these holidays in the Community of Madrid.


Madrid Golf Courses Association
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